Liberal Ivy League Schools Under Fire For Hiding $375 Million In Cash They Received From America’s Enemies

Harvard and Yale are now under federal investigation in a new probe which claims schools across the country, including many liberal Ivy’s like Harvard and Yale received Billions in funding from American Enemies, in particular China and Saudi Arabia. As The Daily Mail reports:

Harvard University and Yale University are the targets of a new federal investigation, an ongoing probe that claims schools across the U.S. have failed to disclose some $6.5 billion in foreign funding.

The Department of Education, in letters to the two schools dated on Tuesday, demanded records detailing any foreign contacts with a number of foreign countries and entities…

In a separate letter to Yale, the department demand records regarding gifts from Saudi Arabia, China and its telecom giants, and others.

The department accused Yale of failing to disclose at least $375 million in foreign funding from 2014 to 2017, when the school filed no disclosure forms.

If the schools decide to withhold the requested information the federal government may then proceed with civil or criminal action against them.





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