Iowa Caucus Disaster Reportedly Caused By App Company Linked To Clinton Campaign

The Democratic Iowa Caucus turned into a complete debacle Monday night after discrepancies caused by the new app used to tally vote caused the results to be delayed, enraging supporters of far-left candidate Bernie Sanders.

But new information is now showing that the app in question was created by a group staffed by former veterans of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign, raising serious questions about whether or not there was an attempt to ‘rig’ the primary against Sanders.

As Fox Business reports:

An app created by a tech company started by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is being blamed for the unprecedented chaos during the Democratic Iowa caucuses on Monday, when delays and “inconsistencies” in reporting forced the night to conclude with no real winner.

The Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, a tech firm that last year joined with ACRONYM, a liberal nonprofit group focused on digital messaging, more than $63,000 during two separate payments in November and December last year for “website development,” according to state campaign finance records. According to the Huffington Post, citing a source with knowledge, those payments were for the app the caucus site leaders were supposed to use to upload the results at their locales.

Gerard Niemira, who served as Hillary Clinton’s director of product during her 2016 campaign, is currently the CEO of Shadow. He previously worked as both chief technology officer and chief operating officer at ACRONYM for a little over a year, according to his LinkedIn. In September of last year, David Plouffe, who helped lead both of former President Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, joined ACRONYM’s board of directors. Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, denied involvement in the app after rumors began circulating that he played a role in the app’s development.




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