Leaked Recording Reveals Iranian Regime Lied About Shootdown Of Ukrainian Jet Liner

New leaked audio has confirmed that the Iranian regime lied about knowing a Ukrainian passenger jet had been shot down by its own missiles. As The Daily Mail reports:

A leaked recording of an Iranian pilot telling air-traffic controllers he saw ‘the light of a missile’ and ‘an explosion’ over Tehran reveals that officials knew straight away that a Ukrainian passenger jet had been shot down.

The Iranian government denied for days that the regime’s Revolutionary Guard had downed the Boeing 737 on January 8 killing all 176 people on board and at first blamed it on a technical fault.

But the recording of a Fokker 100 jet pilot describing the moment the plane was hit by a missile suggests the authorities knew immediately what had happened.

A transcript of the recording, published last night by the Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel, reveals that the pilot for Iran’s Aseman Airlines was flying from the southern city of Shiraz to the capital Tehran.

The Ukraine international airlines flight went down near Tehran only a few hours after Iran fired ballistic missiles at US bases in response to the killing of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.


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