Russian Oligarch Connected Lawyer Knows Who Loaned Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Their Mansion In Canada

A British lawyer with high profile connections to powerful Russian oligarchs is reportedly the only person who knows who really loaned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle their luxurious mansion in Canada. As the Daily Mail reports:

A British lawyer for dozens of oligarchs is holding the secret of who lent Prince Harryand Meghan Markle a Canadian mansion for their winter getaway, can disclose.

Alastair Tulloch is known among the Russian elite as the go-to London attorney for billionaires and well-connected politicians, using complex corporate structures in secretive jurisdictions around the world.

And until now, the 64-year-old has managed to remain largely out of the public eye, despite having managed the companies of at least 27 Russian and Eastern European oligarchs and business tycoons as well as firms linked to Elton John and Kylie Minogue.

But after Harry and Meghan refused to reveal the mystery owner of the $14 million Vancouver Island mansion they have been staying at for almost two months, an investigation by unearthed a paper trail leading to Tulloch.

A news Canadian law, which comes into effect in May, will likely force him to reveal the true identity of Harry and Meghan’s mysterious benefactor.



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