US Preparing To Evacuate 1000 Americans From China As Super Virus Spreads

The US is scrambling to evacuate its citizens from corona-virus ravaged Wuhan China and is now preparing to immediately evacuate 1000 citizens as conditions continue to deteriorate. As The Daily Mail reports:

The US government is rushing to evacuate Americans from the coronavirus-stricken Chinese city of Wuhan as officials warn that the deadly strain’s spread is picking up speed.

A charter flight is scheduled to fly from the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday.

The US consulate in Wuhan began reaching out to all Americans registered as living in the city – of which there are said to be roughly 1,000 – last week to offer them a seat on the plane.

The State Department warned that the single flight will have ‘limited capacity’ to transport private US citizens along with consulate staff, and said ‘priority will be given to individuals at greater risk from coronavirus’.

As of Monday, over 2800 cases of the virus have been reported including dozens of deaths.



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