Taliban Claims They Shot Down Potential CIA Aircraft In Afghanistan

The Taliban claims to have shutdown a US CIA plane over Afghanistan killing everyone aboard, videos circulating seem to show US insignia on the fuselage of a burning plane. As The Daily Mail reports:

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the militant group, said that high-ranking officers were among the dead after the aircraft was brought down in Dih Yak district around 1.10pm local time.

The US military has said it is investigating the crash, as an official confirmed to Fox News that a surveillance plane had come down with ‘less than five on board’.

The official did not says how the plane crashed, who was on board, or whether there are thought to be survivors.

Footage taken by journalist Tariq Ghazniwal shows the burning remains of a jet lying in the snow as several people stand around filming.

The claim that the plane was in fact being operated by the CIA has not yet been confirmed by US authorities. But if it were true, it likely wouldn’t be publicized.


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