New Species Of Bone Devouring ‘Zombie’ Worm Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico

A new-species of bone eating, ‘Zombie’ Worms has been discovered by researchers in the gulf of Mexico where they were observed devouring an Alligator carcass. As The Daily Mail reports:

A new species of bone-eating worm has been discovered by scientists who dropped three alligator corpses to the bottom of the ocean to see how long they would last.

The ‘zombie’ worm from the osedax genus, which colonises bones and consumes the lipids within, was found feasting on the remains of one of the gator corpses.

Osedax has never before been observed in the Gulf of Mexico, nor eating the bones of a creature from the Crocodilia family – of which alligators are a member.

The US scientists dropped the alligator corpses into the sea back in 2019 to study how carbon-hungry creatures on the ocean floor would react.

In addition to the ‘Zombie’ worms, during the experiment researchers were left baffled after one of the carcasses was apparently dragged away and eaten whole by an unknown giant creature.




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