Deadly Chinese Virus Reaches Taiwan, As Experts Predict It Will Continue To Spread

The deadly Chinese cronoavirus has broken out of its quarantine on mainland China and is now starting to spread throughout the rest of Asia, as Taiwan confirmed its first case of the killer virus. As The Daily Mail reports:

Taiwan today confirmed its first case of the lethal bug, which has killed six people in the Chinese city of Wuhan, home to 11million people.

As Taiwan becomes the fourth territory to report a case of the virus outside of China, following Thailand, South Korea and Japan, it can also be revealed that:

  • A total of 322 people have caught the virus across Asia, including 20 healthcare workers
  • Cases have risen six-fold in the space of a few days, with just 48 confirmed cases on January 17

Reports also state face masks are flying off the shelves across China as the country’s citizens prepare themselves for the potential spread of the outbreak, which has already swept the nation.

The deadly virus has governments around the world on alert as the specter of a global massive outbreak looms.


UPDATE 01/21/2020 – BREAKING NEWS: For the first time a case of coronavirus has now been detected in The US, in the state of Washington, in a traveler from China who was diagnosed at a facility in Seattle.


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