76 ‘Highly Dangerous’ Inmates Escape Prison After Digging Massive Escape Tunnel

76 ‘highly dangerous’ inmates imprisoned at a correctional facility in Paraguay after spending weeks digging an elaborate tunnel which authorities described as ‘something out of a movie.’ As The Daily Mail reports:

Nearly 80 ‘highly dangerous’ inmates have escaped from a Paraguayan prison after spending several weeks secretly digging an escape tunnel.

The escapees, many of whom are members of a Brazillian drugs and arms trafficking gang, made their getaway through a tunnel from the prison in the border city of Pedro Juan Caballero.

Police spokeswoman Elena Andrada said: ‘Our best men have gone to the border to attempt to recapture the prisoners.’

The number of escapees totalled 76, including 40 Brazilians and 36 Paraguayans, officials said.

The prison’s warden was dismissed and many of the guards were arrested. The authorities are now searching for the inmates using all the means at their disposal, including tanks and helicopters.



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