Scientists Reveal Horrifying Truth About Domestic Cats: They Will Eat Dead Humans

Researchers performing an experiment to observe how the human body decomposes ended up uncovering a surprising scientific truth that turned out to be more than they bargained for. As The Daily Mail reports:

It seems maggots are not the only creatures with a taste for human flesh – cats also enjoy dining on the dead.

While studying how human bodies decompose, researchers observed two feral felines feasting on the corpses left outside Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station for nearly 35 days straight.

Although the pair had more than 40 different bodies to choose from, they returned to the same body each night – one was a 70-year-old man and the other a 79-year-old woman…

‘The main theory is that cats are, like, picky eaters. Once they find a food that they like, they’ll stick with it,’ said Garcia, the lead author on the paper, which was published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

A cat researcher at the University of Colorado commented that the behavior observed was not at all unusual for domestic cats, who have also been known to feed off of their deceased owners.



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