Russian Firm Offers To Make Customers Immortal

A company in Russia is offering to make its customers immortality by freezing their dead bodies in hopes of one day bringing them back to life. As The New York Post reports:

SERGIYEV POSAD, Russia — When Alexei Voronenkov’s 70-year-old mother passed away, he paid to have her brain frozen and stored in the hope breakthroughs in science will one day be able to bring her back to life.

It is one of 71 brains and human cadavers — which Russian company KrioRus calls its “patients” — floating in liquid nitrogen in one of several tall vats in a corrugated metal shed outside Moscow…

KrioRus says hundreds of potential clients from nearly 20 countries have signed up for its after-death service.

It costs $36,000 for a whole body and $15,000 for the brain alone for Russians, who earn average monthly salaries of $760, according to official statistics. Prices are slightly higher for non-Russians.

Although there is no current scientific evidence to support the idea of bringing back a human being from the dead, the companies fans are holding out hope that future breakthroughs in medical science may one day make it possible.



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