Newly Uncovered FBI Report Unveils Bizarre Alleged Satantic Plot To Assassinate A US Senator

Newly uncovered FBI reports, recently uncovered by Politico in the FBI’s online vault, have shed light on a bizarre plot by Church Of Satan founder Anton Levay to allegedly assassinate then Senator Ted Kennedy. As The Daily Mail reports:

Notorious Hollywood satanist Anton LaVey was once embroiled in a plot to assassinate Senator Ted Kennedy during the 1980 presidential campaign…

An informant had claimed that LaVey, who was the founder of the Church of Satan, had told him in October 1980 that he was planning to murder the third Kennedy brother..

LaVey allegedly told the informant he would receive a package within days that he wanted him to deliver to a mob boss in Chicago’s South Side.

The mob would then kill Kennedy, the informant told the FBI.

Though the plot apparently never was followed through and the FBI was unable to prove Levay’s involvement, the allegations are stunning and troubling.

Levay was a notorious satanist and had many high level connections, especially in Hollywood, in particular with actress Jayne Mansfield, who he allegedly had an affair with and also put a ‘hex’ on before she died in a tragic and bizarre car crash.



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