Wealthy Dem Donor Sued For Death Of Gay Black Man Who He Allegedly Used For Sexual Gratification

Wealthy Democrat donor Ed Buck is now being sued by the family of a second man, who is claiming that Buck injected their son with drugs and then used him for his own perverse sexual gratification, ultimately leading to his untimely death. As The Daily Mail reports:

The family of the second gay black man found dead in prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck’s home have filed a civil lawsuit against the man who allegedly drugged their loved one as part of a twisted sexual fantasy.

Ed Buck is currently facing federal criminal charges for allegedly giving methamphetamine to two men, Gemmel Moore, 26, and Timothy Dean, 55, resulting in their deaths by drug overdose.

The wealthy Democrat donor was arrested in September after a third man narrowly escaped death when he overdosed in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment.

Dean was also found on the apartment floor in January this year ‘wearing only white underwear’, with a two rubber rings around his scrotum and penis, the document said.

The family has stated that they want Buck, who donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign, to spend the rest of his ‘miserable life’ behind bars.


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