Israel Unveils ‘Laser Sword’ Defense System To Stop Iranian Threat

Israel has announced a brand-new, state of the art air defense system which will use incredibly powerful lasers to shoot down menacing Iranian missiles.

They dubbed the new weapons system ‘laser sword,’ the news comes right after the Iranian government attacked US bases in Iraq with a barrage of ballistic missiles.

As The Daily Mail:

Israel has unveiled a ‘laser sword’ defence system that can stop rockets and drones as tensions in the region continue to simmer.

The technological breakthrough, announced by the country’s Ministry of Defence, means lasers can hit targets with a greater degree of accuracy, over longer distances, and through clouds and dust storms.

It is expected to be tested this year and deployed in the coming years, to help support the Iron Dome missile defence system.

The announcement comes after Iran launched a missile strike on US forces in Iraq and Tehran threatened to target Israel if it was attacked by their American allies.



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