Moment Home Invader Chased Off By Angry Father After Trying To Grab 11-Year-Old Girl Caught On Tape

The Terrifying moment a home invader in Florida grabbed an 11-year-old girl in her family’s home before being chased off by her angry father has been caught on video.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Home surveillance video shows the terrifying moment a burglar who snuck into the home of a Florida family grabbed their 11-year-old girl on Christmas Eve.

Steven Hasugulgum, 21, was arrested by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. Authorities say he is the intruder caught on camera breaking into a home in Ormond Beach before being chased away by the father…

Hasugulgum approaches young Ava and begins to push her inside the home. He then tries to get Ava to keep quiet.

‘Hasugulgum approached her, put his finger to his lips and told her to “Shh”,’ the Sheriff’s Office said.

Police arrived shortly after and arrested Hasugulgum, who is a citizen of Micronesia, and took him into custody.


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