US Soldier’s Cancer Diagnoses Linked To ‘Glowing Green’ Pond By Afghan Base

The cancer diagnoses of 61 US soldiers who all had served at the same former Soviet Base in Afghanistan have been linked the a toxic waste pond near the base.

The pond was so obviously toxic that is reportedly glowed bright green and black goo oozed from the ground, and, reportedly the defense department knew about it the entire time.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Special forces operators who arrived at a base in Uzbekistan immediately after 9/11 found glowing green ponds and black goo oozing from the ground, and the toxic site has been linked to dozens of cases of cancer in veterans, documents reveal.

Karshi-Khanabad, known as K2, was a former Soviet air base just a few hundred miles from the Afghanistan border, and became a key hub in the early fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in 2001.

But Department of Defense officials knew that K2 was likely toxic and contaminated even before the first troops arrived, according to a tranche of documents reported by McClatchy on Thursday.

At least 61 of the men and women who served at K2 were diagnosed with cancer or died from the disease, according to a 2015 Army study on the base.



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