43 Year Old Stripper Convicted Of Murder For Decapitating Boyfriend’s Disabled Son After Sex

Roena Cheryl Mills, 43, a stripper from West Virginia was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend’s 29 year old son after having sex with him in exchange for drugs.

Mills allegedly went so far as to decapitate the 29 year old disabled man with a kitchen knife after she had bludgeoned him to death.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A stripper faces life imprisonment after she was convicted on Thursday of decapitating her lover’s son with whom she was having sex in exchange for prescription drugs and money…

Sitler said that Mills took advantage of Bo White, who the prosecutor described as ‘an awkward, sickly shut-in who didn’t have a real life.’

It has not been established why Mills frequently visited White, though Sitler speculated that she traded sexual favors in exchange for medication that he was prescribed.

His body was found in his home while his head was located later in a wooded area.



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