8-Foot Terminator Like Exoskeleton Suit Unveiled By Japanese Company

A giant 8-foot terminator like exoskeleton suit has been unveiled by Tokyo based company Skeletronics.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A robotic exoskeleton that turns the wearer into a terrifying 8-foot tall robot that responds to human touch has been developed by a Japanese robotics company.

Users inside the robot’s huge frame can move their limbs to control the suit’s arms and legs, while buttons on the robot’s hand grips also allow control of the fingers…



The Skeletonics system uses a scary-sounding ‘master slave’ synchronisation mechanism that allows the robot to mimic human movement without electricity.

The rest of the body is constructed of electrical and mechanical elements and an outer shell made of fibre-enforced plastic resin.

The suits are now selling for the price of 10 million yen or $70,000 US dollars.


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