Shocking Video Shows Incredible Destruction After Tourist Island Suffers Fatal Volcanic Eruption

Five people have been confirmed dead and over 20 others are still unaccounted for after the sudden and shocking eruption of the White Island Volcano off the coast of New Zealand.

More than 50 unsuspecting tourists are suspected to have been on or near the island at the time of the massive eruption.

The terrifying explosive was caught on video along with images of desperate tourists pouring into boats in their attempts to escape the smoldering island.

As The Daily Mail reports:

There are ‘no signs of life’ on the New Zealand tourist island rocked by a volcanic eruption on Monday and no more survivors are expected to be found, police have said.

Five people have been confirmed dead in a powerful eruption on White Island, also known as Whakaari, at 2.11pm local time on Monday when an estimated 50 tourists were on or around the volcano crater.

Eighteen survivors have been evacuated – some suffering severe burns – leaving an estimated 27 people unaccounted for. Police say the number of missing is in double figures, but refused to give an exact figure.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said 24 Australians were visiting the island at the time of the disaster, while three Britons were also listed among the missing by worried family and friends on the International Committee of the Red Cross website.



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