New Book Reveals Secrets of the CIA Scientist Who Perfected Torture and Mind Control

A new book ‘Poisoner in Chief’ has revealed the secrets of one of the most notorious scientists in American history: Sidney Gottlieb.

As one of the CIA’s top scientists for decades Gottlieb ran barbaric experiments on unwitting human subjects which included poisoning them, electroshock treatment and psychologically damaging mind control experiments. And he did it all with the spy agency’s blessing.

As The Daily Mail reports:

He presided over medical experiments and ‘special interrogations’ on human subjects, shattering the minds and lives of an ever-widening class of ‘expendables:’ prisoners, addicts, mentally and terminally ill patients, unwitting citizens and even children.

According to biographer Stephen Kinzer in his newly published book, Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control, ‘Gottlieb justified it all in the name of science and patriotism.’…

From 1952 to 1953 Dulles and Gottlieb had scores of ‘expendables’ brought to a safe house in Germany. Some were fed vast quantities of drugs, others subjected to electro-convulsive shocks all with the goal of ‘altering’ their minds

Each experiment failed and at the end the ‘expendables’ were killed and their bodies burned.

The files uncovered by the author, at least the ones that weren’t destroyed, indicate that eventually Gottlieb was given control of ‘the largest mind control experiment’ ever undertaken by any country. An experiment which targeted not only foreigners, but also on unwitting Americans themselves.

The C.I.A may claim these experiments are long in the past, but give their track record, should Americans believe them?


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