Military Researcher Warns Against U.S. Plan To Create ‘Terminator’ Soldiers By 2050

A military researcher is sounding the alarm about the U.S. military’s plan to attempt to create armies of ‘Terminator’ like cyborg super soldiers by 2050.

As The Daily Mail reports:

The US military wants to transform human soldiers into Terminator-style warriors by 2050, but experts warn of the ‘legal and ethical quandaries’ when creating cyborgs.

In a recent report, the Combat Capabilities Development Command noted that limbs could be enhanced to increase strength, eyes implemented with infrared and ultraviolet vision and technology could create subsonic hearing.

However, experts question if humanity is ready for such advances and raises concerns about what happens to these service members once they start a life as a civilian.

Peter Emanuel, a researcher for the US army and lead author of a year-long Department of Defense (DoD) study told Ryan Pickrell with Business Insider: ‘In the next 30 years, you’re going to need to have to deal with these legal and ethical quandaries, and you’re not ready for it.’

The researcher also points out the possibility that soldiers who are technologically enhanced may pose a threat to regular Americans upon re-entering civilian life.



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