Expert Warns Of Invasion Of US By Millions Of Killer Hogs ‘More Dangerous Than Sharks’

After the brutal killing of a woman in Texas by a group of vicious feral hogs, experts are now warning about the danger of what they call a ‘pig bomb.’

As millions of the dangerous swine are set to invade towns and neighborhoods across the US in the years to come, possibly spreading disease in addition to posing a lethal threat to humans.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A research scientist has claimed a ‘Pig Bomb’ has blown up in the US and ‘it’s all over’ if the population of six million wild hogs is not controlled amid an African swine fever crisis…

It’s unclear what provoked the attack by multiple animals, but a research scientist says fatalities from wild pigs are less rare than sharks – which are responsible for six a year on average – ‘but you never read about them’.

‘It’s a crazy situation with everything that’s happened in what I call the Pig Bomb, which has exploded in North America,’ Jack Mayer told The Daily Beast about the wild population of six million and two million in Texas alone…

‘We are starting to see wild pigs move into suburban and even urban areas of late,’ Mayer warned.

The shocking wild hog attack highlights the danger the vicious animals pose to humans, and also the need for civilians to arms themselves for self defense against the creatures.



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