Woman’s Kitten Turns Out To Actually Be Wild Puma

A woman in Argentina was stunned after discovering an abandoned kitten she had found was actually a wild puma.

As Fox News reports:

Florencia Lobo was with her brother when she said the pair found the tiny feline next to another kitten and a dead adult cat.

“We thought that it was an abandoned cat who had given birth,” she told Reuters.

Two months after rescuing the kitten near Santa Rosa de Leales, Lobo took Tito to the vet for a checkup – which is where she learned the truth about her cuddly friend…

Lobo eventually learned Tito was a puma jaguarondi, which are found in South America and the southern part of North America.

The women ended up taking the cat to a nature reserve, were it will be allowed to live in its natural habitat.



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