Scientists Attempt To Bring The Dead Back To Life By Inducing Human Hibernation

Scientists in Maryland are seeking to find a way to have humans cheat death by inducing human hibernation in individuals near death.

As The Daily Mail reports:

When they’re looking for ideas for their next futuristic blockbuster, Hollywood’s movie moguls could do worse than visit the University of Maryland Medical Centre in the American city of Baltimore…

Both were remarkable achievements but they pale compared with news that surgeons at the hospital have placed a human being into a state of what is being called ‘suspended animation’.

No details are known of the patient, who is thought to have arrived with a stopped heart, having lost at least half their blood. These symptoms are consistent with a gunshot or stab wound — common in a city with a notoriously high violent crime rate…

Whether the person concerned survived once they had been warmed up, had their blood restored and their heart restarted has not been disclosed. But Professor Samuel Tisherman and his team plan to carry out the procedure on more patients in a trial, with the results out in late 2020.

It is also hoped that such a radical procedure could also be used to cure patients with cancer and other life threatening aliments.


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