Report: Iran Considered Attacking US Before Drone Assault On Saudi Arabia

According to a stunning new report top officials in Iran first considered attacking US bases and personnel in the Middle East before deciding to go after Saudi Arabia’s oil field in its September drone attack.

As Fox News reports:

Iranian officials looking to hit back at the U.S. over crippling economic sanctions and its withdrawal from a nuclear deal initially considered attacking American bases before launching airstrikes on a massive Saudi Arabian oil facility instead, a new report claims.

The decision to target the facility owned by Saudi Arabia’s Aramco state-run oil company on Sept. 14 came after top Iranian military officials huddled for a series of meetings in Tehran – one of which was attended by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who ultimately signed off on the attack, officials familiar with the discussions told Reuters.

It is time to take out our swords and teach them a lesson,” a senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps unit reportedly said during the first gathering in May…

It is not immediately clear what the locations are of the U.S. bases, Saudi Arabian seaport and airport that were said to be considered as initial targets.

The leaks obtained in the report are a stunning confirmation of the fact that Iran was indeed behind the September attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields.

And potentially more disturbing: they plan to attack again.



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