Near Death Moment Skier Forced To Outrun Avalanche Caught On Video

The terrifying moment a skier was forced to outrun a horrifying avalanche as the ground gave way beneath them has been caught on video.

As The Daily Mail reports:

This is the dramatic moment a winter sportsman skied for his life as an avalanche sent snow cascading down a mountainside.

The skier’s helmet cam footage starts with him panning from a group of skiers round to the snowy slopes near the town of Mestia, Georgia, in the Caucasus mountains.

He is silhouetted against the snow in bright sunshine as he sets off down the slopes.

The sportsman grows more breathless as the snow starts to break off into large segments and fall apart below his skis.

The skier somehow managed to survive his harrowing ordeal, which occurred in the central Asian republic of Georgia.


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