Police Shoot Man Who Knocked Out Police Officer At Airport

In a shocking story from Las Vegas, where in unhinged man knocked out a police officer who was attempting to detain him after be breached a secure door.

Another officer then shot the man twice in order to stop his rampage.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A man is undergoing surgery after he was shot by officers at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on Thursday morning, officials said.

Officers of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department were alerted to a door breach at Terminal 3 and found the man out on the tarmac near Terminal 1 at 3:30am.

The man was then approached by three officers, who attempted to escort him back to a public area, however the person became ‘extremely irate’ and attacked one of the officers, knocking him unconscious.

A second officer then attempted to de-escalate the situation with non-lethal means but the individual also attacked that officer and pushed him to the ground.



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