Henry Kissinger Warns That US-China War Could Be Inevitable

Legendary presidential advisor and foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger warned that a war between the US and China could become inevitable if the current trade war between the two countries continues to go on.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned today an armed conflict could erupt between the United States and China if their bitter trade war rumbles on…

He said it was ‘especially important that a period of relative tension be followed by an explicit effort to understand what the political causes are … It is far from being too late for that, because we are still in the foothills of a cold war.’

He added: ‘If conflict is permitted to run unconstrained, the outcome could be even worse than it was in Europe.

‘World War One broke out because of a relatively minor crisis … and today the weapons are more powerful,’ the former top diplomat said.

Kissinger is far from the only notable figure to warn of a potentially imminent war between the US and China. Could it be that we are far closer to a new devastating world war than many are willing to admit?




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