Secret Cold War Nuclear Missile Bunker Is Now For Sale

A formerly top-secret cold-war era nuclear missile silo is now being offered up for sale for $395,000. As The Daily Mail reports:

Anyone fancying a fixer-upper with a difference can get their hands of a decommissioned underground nuclear missile facility in the heart of the Arizona desert which has hit the market for $395,000.

Real estate brokers have posted the former missile complex for sale as part of a 13-acre piece of territory about 35 miles north of Tucson.

Though humans have never lived in the complex, it was once home to a relic of the Cold War – a Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Titan II was a missile capable of hitting a target 6,000 miles away while delivering a nuclear payload that is 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that wiped out Hiroshima.

The current owner is offering tours to those who can prove they have enough money to purchase the property.