ISIS Reveals Terrifying Guide To Assassination World Leaders

The radical Islamic terror group ISIS has released a new ‘guide’ which instructs reads on the best way to assassinate high profile world leaders. As The Daily Mail reports:

ISIS has revealed a guide to killing world leaders, urging lone wolves to masquerade as journalists so they can smuggle bombs near to politicians like President Trump.

On Monday, the pro-ISIS Quraysh Media released a poster titled ‘Ways To Assassinate Leaders,’ giving three ways for would-be jihadists to execute ‘leaders, officials and military commanders.’

It provides a chilling guide of how to pose as a journalist and conceal a weapon inside a camera to wreak havoc at news conferences.

‘The mujahid brother, dressed up in the journalist’s clothes, may participate in news conferences, forums, and meetings which may enable him to target key enemy figures. He may also use the camera as an explosive device or to hide a weapon inside it.’ The poster says, according to the Middle East Research Institute.

The guide was accompanied by a picture of an ISIS member preparing to assassination President Trump. Let us hope and pray this isn’t a prelude to a very real assassination on our President.



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