Puppy With Tail Growing Out Of Its Head Found In Missouri

A puppy with a bizarre second tail growing out of its head has been found and rescued on the streets of Missouri. As The Daily Mail reports:

A rescue puppy with a second tail growing out of his head has been rescued from the streets in Missouri.

The ten-week-old dog has been taken in by Mac’s Mission – a rescue operation that specializes in helping dogs with special needs – after being found wandering the streets and given the name Narwhal, because the protuberance resembles a tusk.


‘He’s literally the most magical thing you’ve ever seen, and so happy,’ Rochelle Steffen, founder of the Missouri-based rescue center, told the PA news agency.

‘Everybody wants to see him. I’ve had so many volunteers have come over and said ‘hey, can we play with Narwhal?’ And it’s now become the thing to take selfies with him because he’s just so cute.’

The dog has become extremely popular according to his caretakers, hopefully he’ll be able to find a good permanent home soon.