New Research Reveals True Identity Of 300-Million-Year-Old Monster

New research has shed new light on the true identity of the 300-Million-Year-Old monster named the ‘Tully monster.” As The Daily Mail reports:

The mysterious Tully monster is not likely to have been a vertebrate – despite its hard cartilage ridged back – scientists claim, after discovering unusual elements within its fossilised eyes.

Tullimonstrum, also known as the Tully monster, which lived 300 million years ago, has baffled scientists since fossils were first discovered 60 years ago.


A previous discovery in 2016 found Tully to have a stiffened rod of cartilage that supported its body and gills – suggesting that the creatures were predatory vertebrates, similar to some primitive fish.

But now researchers at the University College Cork believe this was not the case after studying chemicals present in the eyes of the animal.

The prehistoric oceans were full of secrets, and so are our own. Who knows what have have survived at their greatest depths.



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