Terrifying Video Emerges Of Ghost Beneath Child’s Trampoline

A terrifying new video has emerged which appeared to show a ghost moving beneath a child’s trampoline. As The Daily Mail reports:

A video purporting to show a ghostly figure emerging from beneath a trampoline has surfaced online – with some viewers claiming it shows ‘the ghost from The Ring’.

The clip, said to have been filmed roughly two years ago in Norway, shows someone jumping from a building on to a trampoline with the caption ‘Se nesten overst til venstre’ – translating to ‘look almost to the top left’.

The person who uploaded the video captioned the clip: ‘This video was filmed by a friend of my friend’s brother a few years back.

‘In the left corner of the video, you can see a figure dressed in white, with black hair, crawling out from under the trampoline… To this day, we have no idea who the person was.’

The video is truly chilling and seems to clearly show a child beneath the trampoline. Unfortunately there may be no way to prove for sure whether or not the video is real or simply a clever fake.


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