Putin Reveals Development Of New Russian ‘Laser’ Weapons

Russian leader Vladimir Putin revealed the existence of new ‘hypersonic’ and ‘laser’ weapons which he claims only his country will possess and which may grant Russia a strategic advantage in any future military conflict. As The Daily Mail reports:

Vladimir Putin has asserted that Russia will continue to expand its weapons development as he boasts his country has hypersonic and laser weapons that no other nation has.

The Russian president made the comments during a meeting with top officials and prosecutors on Wednesday.

However Putin went on to say that the country’s weapons expansion is not intended as a ‘threat’ to other nations.

‘Our army and our fleet have proven their high capabilities, and we plan to continue expanding our defense potential, putting hypersonic and laser systems on alert along with other modern arms systems, which other countries do not possess so far,’ Putin said as quoted by Russia’s TASS news agency.

It’s unclear how accurate Putin’s statements are, still they serve as a warning to the US military.


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