Desperate Search For Special Ops Soldier Launched In The Gulf Of Mexico

A desperate search has been launched for a missing Special Forces soldier who fell out of a plane over the Gulf of Mexico. As The Daily Mail reports:

A desperate search is underway for a missing airman who disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico after suffering a parachute-jump mishap while exiting a Special Operations military plane.

The unidentified Air Force airman from the 24th Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field was exiting a C-130 four-engine aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico during a training exercise around 1.45pm Tuesday when he suddenly vanished into the water below.

‘The fall happened during a parachute-jump training exercise out of Hurlburt Field,’ a report from the Air Force Times said…

Some witnesses on that plane reported seeing the airman’s parachute deploy and saw him treading water, according to Coast Guard officials.

As of Wednesday the search was still underway with multiple ships and aircraft being deployed to assist.



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