American Drug Dealer Facing Execution In Thailand Makes Bloody Prison Escape

A video of American drug dealer Bart Allen Helmus, who had been facing the death penalty for drug trafficking, making a bloody and violent escape from a Thai jail has been released. As The Daily Mail reports:

An American alleged drug dealer and his girlfriend who are facing execution in Thailand have dramatically escaped from court in a blistering gunfight.

Bart Allen Helmus, 39, is accused of stabbing one of the guards before his accomplice Noi Ton Nintet, 41, allegedly shot the same man in Pattaya on Monday afternoon.

Helmus, along with his Thai girlfriend Sirinapha Wisetrit, 31, and the third accomplice Noi, were seen dashing out of the cell door with their chains still clamped to their legs.


CCTV shows one prisoner brandishing a 9mm pistol at officers, while another wrestles a guard to the floor. The officer appears to be writhing around in agony following the altercation.

Thai police have launched a massive manhunt to find the American fugitive and have warned the public that they should be considered armed and dangerous.


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