Never Before Seen Photos From Autopsy Reveal Epstein Likely Murdered

Never before seen photos of Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy have cast new doubts over whether he actually died via suicide, as the official report from an NYC coroner asserted. (

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden has provided Law&Crime with an exclusive, never-before-seen photograph from the autopsy of dead sex offender and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The newly released photograph shows three fractures in Epstein’s neck. Baden, who has practiced medicine for nearly 60 years, says those three fractures wouldn’t likely have occurred via suicide.

Here’s the image in question, along with descriptions of what it shows: <<<CLICK HERE TO VIEW IMAGES>>>

…Baden was asked about the multiple fractures in Epstein’s neck during his Wednesday afternoon appearance on the Law&Crime Network. He said those fractures more likely evidenced homicide than suicide.

Baden’s isn’t the only pathologist to raise such concerns, as the initial report noted the strange fractures in Epstein’s neck could have been due to strangulation and aren’t consistent with suicide.

Where top officials put under pressure to suppress this evidence? And if so, by whom?


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