Details Of Special Forces Operation To Hunt Down ISIS Leader Revealed

Details of the incredible military operation, carried out on President Trump’s orders over the weekend, to hunt down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have been revealed.

-The raid was apparently launched after US and Kurdish forces managed to get information on the renegade terrorist leader’s location from tips provided by captured members of his ‘family,’ including one of his many wives as well as a nephew and one of his couriers.

-The raid was named after Kayla Mueller, a US aid worker who was kidnapped by ISIS and later raped and murdered personally by the ISIS leader.

-Helicopter gunships laid down massive suppressing fire on Baghdadi and his forces while a 70 man team, equipped with specially trained dogs and robots closed in on his location.

As The Daily Mail reports:

When Mr Trump arrived on Saturday to watch the operation in real-time, it came four days after he had given the green light, with several other opportunities aborted at the last minute…

Fearing a booby-trapped front door, the elite soldiers made their own opening, blowing holes into the wall of Baghdadi’s den. Two ‘wives’, both wearing suicide vests which thankfully did not detonate, were killed in the ensuing firefight, along with a large number of Baghdadi’s ‘fighters and companions’…

As the team went further, they helped 11 children get out alive, while a group of Islamic State extremists, realising their time was up, surrendered. Mr Trump said there ‘more dead than alive’ in the aftermath…

It was at that point that Baghdadi’s murderous reign came to an end as he detonated his own suicide vest, killing himself, his terrified young hostages and bringing much of the tunnel down upon them.



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