Vast Network Of Brutal Concentration Camps Revealed In China

A vast network of concentration camps used by the Communist government to brutalize the minority Uighur population have been uncovered in China. As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

China’s crackdown on ethnic Uighurs in the western part of the country includes a vast network of at least 124 concentration camps along with scores of labor camps and prisons, according to a dissident Uighur group.

U.S. officials say there are also indications that China is expanding the use of the concentration camps in Xinjiang Province where at least 1 million people are being held, and as many as 3 million are part of a forced “reeducation” program by the Chinese government.

Researchers with the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, a relatively new Uighur independence group, discovered the new camps during a nine-month open source intelligence gathering project that utilized commercial satellite images and reports people in the region.

The camps are part of a Chinese Communist Party program to snuff out independence movements and any opposition to Beijing rule using mass incarceration and forced ideological indoctrination.

Could these camps be the beginning of a new Chinese holocaust? And if it is, will the world be willing to act to prevent it?



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