‘Tasmanian Tiger,’ Thought To Be Long Extinct, Spotted After 80 Years

The supposedly extinct ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ has reportedly been spotted on several different occasions in the last few years. As The New York Post reports:

Details of the sightings, which span from 2016 to this year in the island state of Tasmania, are documented in a report by the country’s Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Sightings of the mammal, which looks like a combination of a dog, cat and fox, were reported as recently as August — when a man recalled seeing a “Tassie Tiger on his land 7 years ago,” the government report noted.

A month before that, a hiker reported seeing a footprint on Sleeping Beauty mountain that he later Googled “when he got home and believes it was a Tasmanian Tiger footprint.”

And last year, two people said they were “100% certain that the animal they saw was a thylacine” after one allegedly walked in front of their car.

The last Tasmanian tiger was supposed to have died in a zoo in 1936. Sightings like the ones recently documented in the Australian government’s reports, however, may force the scientific community to revaluate that theory.



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