Dutch Family That Had Been Hiding For 9-Years In Preparation For The ‘End Times’ Found

A Dutch family that had been hiding for 9-years on an isolated homestead in preparation for the ‘end times’ was finally discovered when one of their children escaped and made their way to a local bar. As The New York Post reports:

A Dutch family lived in isolation on a secluded farm for nine years “waiting for the end of time” until they were discovered this weekend when one of them escaped to a local bar — where he drank five beers, according to reports.

The bizarre living situation of a 58-year-old man and a group of six siblings — aged 18 to 25 — was discovered when the eldest of the young adults turned up at a pub in Ruinerworld, according to local outlet RTV

Authorities arrested the 58-year-old man, who isn’t believed to be the father of the young adults, but does rent the farm from the land owner, Ruinerwold Mayor Roger de Groot told the Dutch News

The family appeared to sustain themselves with a vegetable garden and goat on the farm, Dutch News reported.

The young adults had never been to school and hadn’t seen a barber for 9 years.



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