300 Pedophiles Arrested In Massive Sting Operation Against Global ‘Dark Web’ Network

300 Pedophiles have been arrested and the US unveiled charges against the South Korean ringleader of a massive pedophile network run on the ‘dark web.’ As The Daily Mail reports:

Police around the world have taken down a global child abuse ring in which paedophiles in at least 38 countries gained ‘loyalty points’ for uploading abuse videos to a dark web website and paid in bitcoin to download others.

More than 250,000 horrific videos, stored on a computer server in South Korea and available through a website called ‘Welcome To Video’, were sold to paedophiles around the world through the dark web, with more than a million clips downloaded.


The US Department of Justice has now charged South Korean suspect Jong Woo Son, 23, with running the website, as police forces around the world move in on those who have been using the site.

So far, 337 suspects have been arrested globally, with 18 investigations in the UK and seven British men already convicted.

Yet another example of the Trump administration’s Department of Justice successfully waging war against the dark and perverse forces which have so much influence in our world today.



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