NASA Scientist Claims Government Found Life On Mars In The 1970s

A former NASA scientist has announced that the US government discovered life on Mars in the 1970’s. As CNN reports:

Gilbert V. Levin, who was principal investigator on a NASA experiment that sent Viking landers to Mars in 1976, published an article in the Scientific American journal last Thursday, arguing the experiment’s positive results were proof of life on the red planet.
The experiment, called Labeled Release (LR), was designed to test Martian soil for organic matter. “It seemed we had answered that ultimate question,” Levin wrote in the article…
“What is the evidence against the possibility of life on Mars?” Levin wrote. “The astonishing fact is that there is none.”
Levin, a maverick researcher who has often run afoul of the NASA bureaucracy, has insisted for decades that “it is more likely than not that we detected life.” Now, he and LR co-experimenter Patricia Ann Straat are calling for further investigation.
It’s notable that since Viking lander’s expedition to Mars in the 1970’s, of which Levin was a part, NASA has officially not since officially attempted to find life on the planet. Which begs the question of if this was done in an attempt to fool the public into believing that the government had no knowledge of life on the red planet.


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