China Unveils New ‘Flying Saucer’ Secret Weapon

China has unveiled a new state of the art secret weapon: an attack helicopter that is black, stealthy and resembles a UFO. As Fox News reports:

An experimental attack helicopter that looks like a flying saucer has been unveiled in China.

The strange flying machine, dubbed the Great White Shark, is loaded with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and could take to the skies as early as next year.

Pictures of the UFO-like aircraft with an unusual central cockpit first began to circulate online last week after it featured at an air show near Beijing.

“Attracted by the futuristic design of the aircraft, Chinese military observers pointed out that the aircraft’s high-speed and stealth capabilities could give the weapon an edge on the battlefield.”

It’s unclear just what the highly secret weapon system is capable of, or even if it’s truly a helicopter as the Chinese have initially claimed. It’s potentially highly advanced stealth capabilities may enable to not only spy on the American military, but perhaps US citizens as well.


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