Gunman Armed With Submachine Gun, Grenades Still On Loose After Attacking Jewish Synagogue In Germany

One suspect has been arrested, and another is possibly still on the loose after attacking a Jewish Synagogue in Germany with submachine guns and grenades killing at least two people. As The Daily Mail reports:

One woman was shot dead in the city of Halle around midday as attackers tried to get inside a nearby synagogue where around 80 people were praying, but were stopped by ‘security measures’.

A man was then shot dead after the gunmen drove to a kebab shop close to the synagogue before opening fire a second time.  Video taken outside the shop shows a man dressed in military fatigues firing what appears to be a shotgun into the street.

Witnesses said the attackers also used a submachine gun during the attack and threw a grenade into the Jewish cemetery, leaving several injured.

Police have since arrested one suspect, but told residents to ‘stay alert’ while a manhunt continues. Gunshots were later reported in Landsberg, 10 miles from Halle, though it was not immediately clear if they were linked.

Police claims they don’t know what the motive of the attackers is at this time. But this anti-semitic violence in all likelihood has one origin: Radical Islamic Terrorism.


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