Man Who Murdered 4 Police Officers In Paris Revealed As Muslim Convert

In perhaps the least shocking news of the week, the man who went on a wild stabbing spree in a Paris police station, killing 4 officers, is revealed to have been a recent convert to Islam. As Fox News reports:

The IT worker who stabbed four of his colleagues to death inside Paris’ police headquarters Thursday was a recent convert to Islam who had been acting erratically the night before the attack, reports say.

Le Parisien identified the attacker as Mickaël H., a 45-year-old computer maintenance specialist from Martinique who had worked at the police headquarters’ Intelligence Directorate unit since 2003. The Intelligence Directorate unit focuses on the fight against terrorism…

The attack Thursday, inside the building across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral, left three police officers and an administrator dead, while a fifth person is being treated for injuries. Mickaël H., who was reportedly deaf, was gunned down by police…

The search for a motive in the attack is centering on Mickaël H.’s cellphone and computer records, as well as interviews with his widow and witnesses, the AP also reported.

Yet another example of the dangers of radical islamic terrorism. We can only guess what police will end up finding on the suspect’s cell phone, but it’s likely it also won’t be surprising.




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