Dem Megadonor Hit With Federal Drug Charges In Connection To Overdose Deaths

Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck has been hit with additional federal drug charges in connection with two overdose deaths that occured at his home. As Fox News reports:

The indictment returned Wednesday charges Buck with distributing methamphetamine resulting in the deaths of Timothy Dean in January and Gemmel Moore in 2017. Buck had previously been charged in Moore’s death after his arrest last month.

Federal prosecutors said Buck, 65, preyed on vulnerable gay black men and pressured them to let him inject them with drugs as part of a sexual ritual.

Buck also is charged with providing meth to three more men, including one who overdosed twice in a week last month before escaping Buck’s home to get help and another man who said Buck threatened him with a power saw in December if he didn’t leave his apartment

Family members of the victims had criticized local prosecutors for not charging Buck in the deaths. Moore’s mother and her supporters have said Buck got favorable treatment because of his status and reputation and that the victims were ignored because they were gay black men, drug users and often sex workers.

Buck’s story is horrifying and bizarre but illustrates the seedy underworld of the Democrat party’s inner circle. Buck was continually protected due to his status and power, in spite of the fact that he was abusing vulnerable men as part of a bizarre sex ritual. And the darker truth here may be that Buck’s perverted rituals may be more the rule than the exception among the Democrat party’s elitie class.



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