Jeffrey Epstein’s Key Contact Found Living In South America

Modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, who has been implicated for acting as one of Epstein’s key allies and ‘talent scouts,’ has resurfaced after vanishing in the wake of Epstein’s ‘suicide.’  As The New York Post reports:

The modeling agent accused of scouting young women for Jeffrey Epstein has been located in South America, according to new reports.

Jean-Luc Brunel vanished after the multimillionaire sex fiend’s jailhouse suicide last month.

It’s unclear which country Brunel turned up in, the Telegraph reported, citing reports in Le Parisien. It’s also unclear whether prosecutors have spoken to him.

Earlier this week, French authorities announced they wrapped up searches of Brunel’s Karin Models agency in Paris, as well as Epstein’s home on Avenue Foch in the City of Light, as part of their investigation.

Why did Brunel feel the need to flee all the way to South America in the wake of Epstein’s death? What or who is he afraid of? And what does he know about Epstein’s connection to powerful figures?



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