Frmr Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Dumps Stock, Opens Fire On Deep State

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne announced that he abruptly decided to sell all of his shares in his former company, and then blamed the deep state. As CNBC reports:

The former chief executive of announced that he’s dumped all of his equity holdings in the company over the past week and blamed both the “deep state” and the government for his sale.

In a cryptic message to “Erstwhile Teammates” on his personal website, Patrick Byrne on Wednesday attempted to explain the reasoning behind his departure from the internet retailer that sells discount furniture and bedding…


“You think me controversial now, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. I know enough to fry the Deep State to ashes. The Deep State and the oligarchy are entwined, and they won’t die quietly,” he wrote. “If I had stayed at Overstock or even remained a large owner of OSTK, they would try to break Overstock as a way of crippling me.”

Before Byrne’s exit in August, he issued a news release on Overstock’s websitedetailing his involvement in what he characterized as the ”‘Clinton Investigation’” and the ”‘Russian Investigation’” starting in 2015. Byrne added that the third time in his life he’d helped the “Men in Black,” an apparent reference to law enforcement officials.

This is a startling and abrupt move from the frmr CEO. What does he know about the Deep State they has made him a target for them? Does he have information on potential Deep State VIPs, like Hillary Clinton and/or the late Jeffrey Epstein, or is it something else entirely?

Once again we are left with more questions than answers. At least for now.




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