Epstein’s Former Sex Slave Recounts Attempted Escape From Island Through Shark Infested Waters

One of Billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers has come forward with a harrowing story of her attempted escape from Epstein’s so-called “pedophile” island, in which she attempted to swin through shark infested waters. As The New York Post reports:

Sarah Ransome said she was so determined to escape Little St. James, the multimillionaire’s private isle nicknamed “Pedophile Island,” that she was willing to gamble her life in the Caribbean waters.

“I had been raped three times that day,” she told the Telegraph.

Ransome recalled jumping on a quad bike to flee and planning to attempt to swim several miles to neighboring St. Thomas.

But she was spotted on surveillance cameras that lined Epstein’s island and was quickly stopped by a team of his staff, she told the British paper.

Ransome’s story is surely only one of many. We still don’t have the full story of just what went on at Epstein’s ‘Pedophile’ island, due in large part to his convient ‘suicide’ in prison. Will we ever know the full story?


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